Why hasn’t anybody told me about a really smart, and simple passive Real Estate alternative?

Mortgage Note for sale

Real Estate Mortgage Notes

• When you purchase Real Estate Mortgage Notes from The Note Agency, you are investing in “secured” rights to the mortgage, and the note.
• No Tenants, Toilets or Taxes to worry about!
• Consistent, long-term returns with predictable monthly payments, regardless of what happens in an unreliable stock market.
• Unlike most real-estate-backed funds, The Note Agency doesn’t lock up your capital for 3-5 years.
• Your returns grow tax-free in your IRA account!
• A typical asset will yield 6 to 7% long-term and 1st-year return on investment of 7.5% or higher!
• Well-managed equity-protected assets, with minimal risk of default.

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