Mortgage Notes Investors Only

The Note Agency LLC is a company for real estate and note investors looking to acquire loans secured by residential real estate.

Our typical clients are passive investors with a discreet amount of money from their savings account, or a self-directed IRA to buy and hold.

We feature three primary asset classes: Performing loans, Non-performing loans, and Real Estate Owned (REO) properties.

Private Investors who recognize the value of this secured type of investing, and want to realize steady, high, and well secured returns of their investment dollars are invited to contact us for further information on the investment opportunities and returns we can offer.

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Some Of the Key Benefits of investing in a Note

Secure Investment

Your investments are directly secured on title. As a client of The Note Agency, your investments will be completely secured by real estate, with properties that will be fully appraised. Through rigorous examination of borrowers and situations, as well as crafted exit plans, you will receive a complete set of documented reports, and property information. Each note is accompanied with attentiveness and care, insuring our client's clarity prior to closing

Investment Variety

Performing and non-performing Notes. First & second mortgages available. The Note Agency also offers real estate owned properties (REO’s), land contracts, and trust deeds.

Complete Due Diligence

Every property has a formal evaluation completed. We are huge believers in thorough due diligence and support streamlining the process of the actual collateral file. The collateral file varies by asset class but will usually include: Note Data (dates, repayment terms, etc.), property information (address, type, description), servicing information payment, history document copies (Note, Mtg/DT/Contract, Assignments, Closing Statement, Endorsements/ Allonges, Modifications, etc.), Title Report or Prior Title Policy (if any), Former Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO).


Invest in multiples Notes, multiple borrowers, as well as performing and non-performing Notes with & without balloon payments, and other assets.


Enjoy flexibility on locations & types of real estate offered. Invest in multiple loans for diversification: buying Notes in different cities and states. Several types of properties, such as single family residence, income properties, commercial properties, and land.

Crystal Clear Process

Each investment is reviewed & registered by a lawyer. The Note Agency works solely with reputable title companies and Note Servicers.


Your Experience

While we welcome new investors to the Note financing business, many of our investors are already experienced in Note lending.

Save Time

Save Time: We Provide Packaged Notes Investment Possibilities


Quickness: Keep your investment moving and avoid downtime


You will obtain the advantage of additional notes opportunities, with less of the trouble and legwork typically complex than sourcing yourself or operating with dual-representative note agents.


Our service offers many benefits to experienced investors, even those who have been investing in notes for a long time

Manage Quantities

Quantity: Increase your assets to more of what you already love

Information is Knowledge

Information: The Note Agency has seen many notes and has a powerful nationwide network

Due Diligence

We intend to provide you with notes that have already passed through multiple rounds of screening and revision to save you time and reduce idling time of your investment.
We are able to fully integrate with your existing operation, including acting with your partners and customizing our documentation.

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Please note, this is neither an offer to sell any security or an offer to purchase any security. Nothing in this communication is intended as legal or specific financial or investment advice or intended to address the objectives or needs of specific individuals. If you require legal or specific financial or investment assistance please consult your own attorney, financial planner or trustee for legal or financial advice.