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We Buy And Sell Your Private Mortgage Notes !

We Buy And Sell Your Private Mortgage Notes !

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What We Do

We buy and sell mortgage notes. Also, We purchase deed of trusts, mortgages and contract for deeds.

The Note Agency was formed to provide an avenue to purchase, hold, and sell, both commercial and residential Real Estate Notes nationwide.When we buy and sell mortgage notes,we partner with a variety of clients, focusing on delivery of our expertise in maximizing the value of privately financed notes. 

Our ability to access substantial capital allows for a fast, professional sale of “said” notes, that are secured by mortgages, or contract for deeds.  

We adhere to a stringent evaluation process prior to purchasing notes for our own portfolio, and private investors. Our underwriting guidelines and investment criteria are set by The Note Agency and our investors.

As a preferred provider, we have 20 plus years of experience in buying, and selling the following assets:  Performing & Non-Performing Loans ~ 1st and 2nd Liens~ Mobile Home Loans ~ Contract for Deeds ~ Aged, as well as Scratch & Dent newly originated loans. 

Transactions can vary on a wide spectrum of loan types and deal sizes, ranging from single loan acquisitions to multi-million dollar bulk purchases.



Please note, this is neither an offer to sell any security or an offer to purchase any security. Nothing in this communication is intended as legal or specific financial or investment advice or intended to address the objectives or needs of specific individuals. If you require legal or specific financial or investment assistance please consult your own attorney, financial planner or trustee for legal or financial advice.

When you convert part or all of your real estate note into cash, you gain several advantages in addition to immediate cash:

You don’t have to worry about the payments you receive each month slipping away on life’s little expenses.

Receive a substantial sum of cash immediately enough to accomplish some of your major goals.

No need to worry about collecting monthly payments or servicing your note.

Annual taxes and insurance premiums are no longer your responsibility!

Your purchaser is in great hands, and payment won’t change.

We will gladly handle all of the review, underwriting, and associated closing costs.

If you hold a private mortgage, The Note Agency can help you convert all or a portion of the note into cash.

Your privacy is very important to us!

By clicking Submit, you agree to send your info to The Note Agency LLC who agrees to use it according to their privacy policy. Your information is absolutely private. Please read our Privacy Policy

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Our experts

The Note Agency Senior Mortgage Note Buyer Eduardo Lejbman

Senior Note Buyer

California Mortgage Broker Since 1990


1-877-NOTES90 x702

Eduardo Lejbman

The note agency Mortgage Note Consultant Joe Oscar Neuah

Senior Note Buyer

California Real Estate Broker since 1997


1-877-NOTES90 x701

Joe Oscar neuah

The Note Agency testimonials

“This note company is the real deal. They were super knowledgeable about notes and noticed the way to get the maximum amount for my note!

John K.

“I found them friendly and easy to work with.  I called they picked right up. They were not the best quote I had, but it was competitive and I wanted the job done correctly the first time.”

Mary Ann G.

I recently helped an elderly relative in New Haven hire a Note company. They showed up when they said they would, did the work, and they bought the note. I would rate them as trustworthy and more than competent in the note business!”

Shakky A.

“I had a great experience with The Note Agency. They helped me and my family finance a house that was just right for all of us. Joe and Eduardo were totally awesome. They helped make the process much smoother. Thanks guys!!”

Thomas N.

Call Now: 1-877-668-3790

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Our mission

We work hard every day to make The Note Agency the world’s most respected service brand.

Our offer

  • Great service with great returns
  • Safe and nice environment
  • Transparency and Perfomance