There are certain unique challenges a landlord could face when renting to a new tenant.

Landloard in trouble

  • Constant renters turnover.
  • Rent payments always late!
  • Legal trouble.
  • Evictions, frequent visits to the court.
  • Stress over property management responsibilities.
  • Repairs, repairs, and more repairs
  • City Inspections

And much more, If you have your property for a few years you will know what we mean!

Get the same returns without the landlord headaches!

Naturally, building owners purchase properties to create and experience continuous
Obviously, not all business opportunities are created equal.
Are your multi-family unit buildings compromising your time, due to ongoing Landlord “Issues”?
Having completed over 3000 closed transactions, we have a proven track record.
Our in-depth knowledge of this property type in California allows us to provide safe and practical real estate solutions.
Our goal and objective is to demonstrate how we can maximize your long-term yield,
and minimize….. or even eliminate your involvement all together!
Scheduling a confidential evaluation will cost you nothing! Not scheduling could cost you a ton!


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