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Safe investments with notes

As a general rule of thumb, we should never put our money into something that doesn’t pay us every single month. Yet we are constantly encouraged, and even trained to put our money in a 401(k). Does it make sense to pay fees? Or allow other people to make money on oursLet’s not forget we will be penalized when we try to access our said money. Meanwhile, it pays next to nothing 

Stock Market

We invest in the stock market and maybe it’s in some kind of mutual fund or maybe it’s directly in the stock market, but when we put our money there, we start a roller coaster ride. It goes up and it goes down, and when it goes up, we are really happy, and when it goes down we are really sad. And if we play this long-term average, what’s it paying us? Nothing!



Annuities are like the stock market, but a financial planner traps our money in it and tells us we have to wait for 3, 5, 7, years, or else we will be penalized. It’s a fraction of what real estate note investing returns. 


Mortgage Notes

Mortgage notes investmentsObviously, we have been taught and conditioned to put our money in places that don’t pay us…..

What if we invested in real estate notes? Are notes different?

Let’s see…

  • Mortgage note investing provides a cash flow while paying every single month.
  • We have control over notes.
  • Liquidate at any time, and without penalties.
  • A natural inflation hedge.
  • Great investment solution to counter market volatility.

Although real estate and retirement might sound funny together, it certainly has a proven track record for creating wealth.

There are benefits to consider in real estate notes as diversification or a part of your overall retirement planning strategy.

Please contact The Note Agency today to begin your perpetual cash flow. Our goal is to help lead to your financial freedom.

Why you should buy a note?

Invest with The Note Agency today and enjoy a 6%-7.5% fixed rate with no long-term commitment 

Key Advantages of the Note Investment

  • Investing in Real Estate Notes:   all the advantages of real estate investing and none of the landlord’s headaches:  No tenants, No Toilets, No tax bills, insurance, etc. 

  • Predictable Income: Returns far exceed low-yield money markets and you ALWAYS KNOW what you will consistently receive:  Mail Box Money every month.

  • Asset-Baked Investment: Own a High Quality, High-Grade asset-backed investment directly secured by a single real estate property professionally managed by a third party servicer collecting for you every month.

  • Liquidity: You sell your note any time for great liquidity, and No Brokerage fees of any kind eating your returns.



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