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Invest in Real estate notesThe Note Agency works every day to bring value to our investors….. YOU!
We are designed to help you, (our investors) achieve a passive preferred return.
Let us tap you into an asset class that is normally reserved for Wall Street.

12 Key Advantages of a Mortgage Note


Unlike most real-estate-backed funds, The Note Agency doesn’t lock up your capital for 3-5 years. You can request return of your invested capital anytime. No more fear of
missing out on opportunities because your funds are tied up in a longer-term fund. And
no more worries that you can’t access your capital if an unexpected need arises.

Returns that outpace inflation
Real Estate Notes far exceed the returns of low-yield accounts, like Money Markets.
The Note Agency currently offers a preferred return of 7%, which is significantly better than
what’s available in a Money Market-type fund, the yields on which may not even stay
ahead of the rate of inflation.

No brokerage fees!
Even self-managed stock index funds have fees that eat into your returns, and brokers
traditionally earn their living entirely from fees they charge investors. Not so with The
Note Agency, where there are zero brokerage or transaction fees.

Asset-backed investment
The Note Agency real estate notes are backed by the real estate securing the loans.
Contrast this to stock certificates, which can plummet in value since that value is based
more on market psychology than on tangible assets.

Mailbox money investment

Passive investment, i.e. “mailbox money”
The passivity of note investing to owning real estate, with the well-known “tenants,
toilets and termites” responsibilities – or even to owning individual notes.

Keep your money working for you. No inventory to invest in? No deals that make sense?
No problem. You don’t have to wait for a great performing note or investment property
to come along to get your capital working for you. There is NO minimum investment
which means there’s no need to have your money sitting idle.

Limited liability
Landlords are on the hook for “slip and fall” and other lawsuits. Note fund investors are
shielded from such liabilities by the nature of the investment.

When investing in a note, i.e. a “private placement,” your personal name isn’t made
public, unlike when owning real estate.

Tax advantages
Your returns from real estate note investing are taxed at a lower rate than earned
income. They are simply not subject to the taxes that go along with earned income
(FICA, social security, etc). You may also invest using tax-advantaged funds from IRAs or
other qualified accounts.

Note buying secretsYour money is working, not you
With note investing, your capital is doing the “work,” so none of your time or effort is
required to earn a return. Contrast this to earned income, or even profits from a business you own but must work in.

Flexibility of Funding
Investment in The Note Agency notes may come from cash as well as retirement accounts such as IRAs.

Professional management and experience.
No experience required in managing notes or real estate!
You get the benefit of a 40 year track record. We specialize in acquisitions, and portfolio

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