Mortgage backed notes

What we do

We buy, sell and broker Real Estate Notes for both our own portfolio or for single passive investors that buy to hold as an alternative investment. Our inventory of Real Estate Notes for sale ranges from $25K -$75K is comprised of similar note investors that sell their homes, while offering seller financing; a process in which the seller finances the buyer for purchasing their home. The seller plays the role of the lender. However, instead of providing the buyer with the cash, the seller reduces the down payment and extends credit to the buyer.

Who is our typical investor: One that has a discreet amount of money to invest in a well – managed equity protected assets.

How is it managed: The Note Agency performs due diligence on the valuation of the note for sale, the property, and the borrower. Our highly specialized vetted service providers include attorneys and closing agents that properly transfer and record all required documentation to ensure compliance! (i.e. title and hazard insurance)

  • A typical asset will yield 6 to 7% long-term and 1st year ROI’s of 7.5% or higher!   
  • No headaches of Tenants, Toilets or Taxes!  

As a reminder, it is essential to invest, and purchase only when you feel comfortable with the terms, collateral, property value, and minimal risk of default.


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