Invest with The Note Agency today and enjoy a 6%-7.5% fixed rate with no long-term commitment

Key Advantages of the Note Investment


Unlike most real-estate-backed funds, The Note Agency doesn’t lock up your capital for 3-5 years. You can request return of your invested capital anytime. No more fear of missing out on opportunities because your funds are tied up in a longer-term fund. And no more worries that you can’t access your capital if an unexpected need arises

Returns that Outpace Inflation

Mortgage Notes from The Note Agency far exceeds the returns of low-yield accounts like Money Markets. We currently offers a preferred return of 6%-7.5%, significantly better that what’s available in a Money Market-type fund, the yields on which may not even stay ahead of the rate of inflation.

No Brokerage Fees

Even self-managed stock index funds have fees that eat into your returns, and brokers traditionally earn their living entirely from fees they charge investors. Not so with The Note Agency, where there are zero brokerage or transaction fees.

Asset-Backed Investment

The mortgages owned by a note are backed by the real estate securing the loans. Contrast this to stock certificates, which can plummet in value since that value is based more on market psychology than on tangible assets.

We’re now actively enrolling investors to buy The Note Agency Notes. For inquiries, please contact:

The Note Agency Team 


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